Brain Training Report – Scatterbrain – Session 8

Session number: 8

Average n-back: 2.16

Duration (estimate in minutes): 30

I’m impressed with this software.

I have Inattentive ADD – my short-term memory is rather like a sieve. I got through stages 1 and 2 with some effort, but the Double Gapmatch was a huge challenge for me.

I initially had trouble keeping the rule in mind and linking it to the display at first. That combined with lapses of attention meant my progress has been anything but linear – up, down, up, down, all the time. But my progress on n=2 is beginning to level off now, and I’m now doing as poorly on n=3.

I’ve seen others do much better by this point, but I’m happy with the gains I’ve made in a short space of time. I’m trying to work on my explicit recall on n=2, as my preferred strategy seems to be the opposite.

The program is helping me to pay sustained attention, and I hope to make more progress soon. Hopefully, the gains I make will transfer academically and save me some study repetition time.

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report

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