Brain Training Report – Rich – Stage 1, Session 1

Stage: 1

Session number: 1

Average n-back: 4.25

First session went well. Went straight to n=5 on my first four blocks. However, once there, I kept missing one or two visuals. Finally, I went back down to n=4 and again could not get everything correct there (usually, I would miss a single visual). I stayed at n=4 though until I got into a grove and finally went up to n=5 for the last 5 blocks. I managed to get 4 of those last 5 blocks correct.

At the end of the session I got a congratulations message and am being moved to double switchback for my next session.

I did the guided meditation (I am using SE) beforehand.

I did the session at the end of the day, before dinner.

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