Brain Training Report -Ruari – Stage 1, Session 2

Stage: 1

Session number: 2

Average n-back: 4.8

Double Switchback
This exercise was much more challenging then the first one. Holding the letters and sequences in my head was akin to cradling a water in my cupped hands. Having to recite them in reverse after repeating them in sequence effectively spread my fingers open. I found I had little retention time in my head as I worked to sort out the correct reverse sequence. The middle sequences suffered the most. More specifically, the sequence for the second grouping became jumbled as they waited their turn to become regurgitated. Eventually they got lost in the sea of previous responses.

So, retention time was weak. And I seem dependent on orderly mental repetition. Outside stressors reduced my comfort and attention level (upset child, mother-in-law, and wife all making guest appearances into my open ‘work’ space). I found this reduced my ability and desire to focus.

MindSparke Working Memory Training

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