Brain Training Report – Greg Session 7

Session number: 7

Average n-back: 3.30

Duration (estimate in minutes): 35

I had 7 n4, 11 n3, and 2 2n. At first I did well. I realized after a few blocks that I was associating certain letters with phrases that one may say. For example, a sequence of b and m would remind me of “boss man”, or p then t and a would be associated with school “PTA”. My problem was that I started concentrating to much on looking for sequences instead of just concentrating on what I was at hand. Then I went down to two n2′s in a row. I may be on to something but, I believe I had better let my mind work on this unconsciously instead of me trying to consciously work on this while I am training.

I also hope that what I have explained is clear. Any comments would be welcomed.

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report

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