Brain Training Report – Catherine B – Stage 4, Session 21

Stage: 4

Session number: 21

Average n-back: 3.8

I am now in stage 4 (nines), but I often switch to stage 3 because the stage 4 refuses to open a new session. Is it because it is required to train more in stage 3 in order to continue to improve in stage 4 ? Everyday, I notice a progress in my averages (stage 3 and 4) even if the progresses are very small and this is great. Thank you for clarifications.

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This post was submitted by Caherine Borrero.

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  1. martin says:

    Hello, Catherine.

    If you can’t start a new session you probably just need to sign out and log back in (the program permits just one session at a Stage for each login session).

    Best wishes,

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