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ADD & ADHD Strategies and Treatment without Medication and without Drugs
Brain Training Exercise as a Natural Focus Booster

ADD Strategies | ADHD Strategies | Focus Booster

ADD & ADHD Strategies and Treatment | Research Tested, Real World Results

"I was better able to concentrate and focus on the task at hand without being distracted." - Mike, Counselor, adult ADHD treatment
"Iím impressed with this software. I have Inattentive ADD and Iím happy with the gains Iíve made in a short space of time. The program is helping me to pay sustained attention." - 'Scatterbrain'
In 2005, a team from the University of Toronto examined twenty-six prior studies to find out whether ADHD correlated to Working Memory impairment (JAACAP April 2005), hoping to shed light on ADHD strategies and treatment, and in turn revealing an approach to treat ADHD naturally without medication and without drugs. They concluded that the evidence overwhelmingly supported the theory that ADHD resulted from Working Memory problems. More recent studies have shown that drugs targeting working memory and working memory training can be used to treat ADD and ADHD. ADD and ADHD treatment with working memory training has none of the side-effects of medication or drugs. Further, when used as a strategy to treat ADHD or ADD, the boost in focus and attention from working memory training is permanent.

Treat ADHD And ADD Naturally | Working Memory Exercises

Given the overwhelming scientific support for the effectiveness of working memory training as one of the most effective ADHD strategies available (and the lack of conclusive evidence for the benefits of any other kind of cognitive training to treat ADHD or ADD naturally) MindSparke focuses on working memory training exclusively in its ADD and ADHD strategies using brain training exercises that treat ADD and ADHD without drugs and without medication. Trainees with attention deficit symptoms or diagnoses benefit greatly from training with Brain Fitness Pro and the reductions in ADHD amd ADD symptoms come quickly, even in the first week. By testing and strengthening your working memory Brain Fitness Pro develops the core brain functions involved in attentive thinking, thereby treating ADHD and ADD quickly and effectively. If you want an alternative treatment for ADD or ADHD, have tried other ADD and ADHD strategies, and have trouble storing and acting upon information Brain Fitness Pro provides an ideal tool for reducing the symptoms of ADHD and ADD naturally without medication, extending and strengthening immediate, short term, and mid-term focus and attention, and increasing your memory span.

Treat OCD Naturally | Working Memory And OCD

"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your product. I have suffered from OCD over the course of my life and have tried various methods of treatment. Using your program has allowed me to function at my highest level in years. I am extremely grateful for the work you have done." - Michael
Similar research has found a connection between spatial working memory and OCD treatment (e.g., Neuropsychological Deficits in Obsessive-compulsive Disorder, U. Mel. 1998). Trainees report that training with Brain Fitness Pro helps to treat OCD.

ADD and ADHD Strategies and Treatment
Treat ADD, ADHD & OCD | Brain Training Recommendations

Quick boost: Trainees wishing to treat ADD, ADHD or OCD generally begin to notice the reduction in ADD, ADHD and OCD symptoms right away. Just four to eight weeks of working memory training produces profound gains in focus and productivity.
Long term: Continued regular working memory training to treat ADHD, ADD or OCD will produce further reduction in ADHD, ADD and OCD symptoms and keep your brain operating optimally.

ADD and ADHD Strategies and Treatment without Drugs and without Medication

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Research Tested, Real World Results
"I am thrilled that I was introduced to Brain Fitness Pro!  ...I am more confident about my memory, more focused and in general feel more self-assured." - Nanz

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