About MindSparke

Our Mission


MindSparke develops affordable, no-nonsense brain training programs that work. By focusing on proven research and real-world results, MindSparke ensures that your brain training efforts will translate into brain fitness gains. Our science-based approach to brain training has led to market-leading innovations such as the development of a unique protocol that matches your training to your personality.

MindSparke also seeks to further public awareness of the latest findings in neuroscience, brain health, and brain development. By tracking and exploring new research that promises social value and delivering that value in the form of on-line content and affordable brain training software, MindSparke looks to bridge the gap between academia and the general public.

Our History

Martin Walker - MindSparke Founder Founded in 2008, MindSparke is a privately held company based in New York.

MindSparke founder Martin Walker is an Oxford-trained scientist, author, and technologist. A member of The British Neuroscience Association, Learning and The Brain, and MENSA, Walker has a passion for helping people achieve their brain fitness goals. He has also published a highly-regarded book of original philosophy LIFE! Why We Exist.

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