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AARP Games for Peak Brain Fitness

The Brain Training Games AARP Likes

AARP Games for Peak Brain Fitness

Out of the lab and into your living room.
(Not the mouse, the training)

AARP Games for Peak Brain Fitness

As fans of AARP games and readers of the AARP magazine know quite well, the AARP emphatically supports the idea that brain games (AARP games and others), along with the right foods and regular physical exercise, can help lead to peak brain fitness. In its roundup of brain training programs the AARP puts MindSparke at the top of the list. And in its various features on brain games, AARP magazine emphasizes that puzzles and brain games can improve your memory, reasoning, motor skills and ability to visualize objects in three-dimensional space, helping ward off the mental decline that can come with age.

Contrary to the long held scientific dogma that the brain is a fixed gray lump, our brains never stop growing and changing, both structurally and in the ways they operate. Beyond childhood, brain scientists refer to new brain growth as adult neurogenesis and to changes in the brain's wiring as brain plasticity. Brain games can increase the number of connections in the brain, and even the volume of brain cells, benefiting thinking skills, speed, and mental acumen.

AARP Games for Peak Brain Fitness | What Brain Training Games Are Right For You?

Brain games (AARP games and others) that test and strengthen working memory (the ability to hold and manipulate short term information) are beneficial for everyone. Researchers have have honed in on working memory training for three key reasons:
  • Working memory is used in all thought processes
  • Working memory responds to training
  • Working memory tends to decline as we age
The premier brain training program for working memory training is MindSparke's Brain Fitness Pro:
MindSparke's working memory training adapts in real-time
The sophisticated online training guides progress with a personal brain exercise profile
Delivers affordable on-line brain training for universal access
Permits download for PC or Mac; guided meditation; and brain entrainment audio (SE version)

AARP Brain Games | MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro

Mind Sparke Brain Fitness Pro delivers a carefully designed working memory training program to improve memory, focus, and multi-tasking ability. Less than 30 minutes of daily training yields dramatic improvements in short term memory, attention, and fluid intelligence, even in the first few weeks.

Working Memory Training | Dual n back | Brain Exercise | training summary

AARP Brain Games | Affordable Training, Universal Access

MindSparke holds to a philosophy of afforable online brain exercise. For a modest monthly or discounted annual subscription you can exercise your brain as often as you want from wherever you want.

AARP Games |
MindSparke In The News

AARP Magazine

MindSparke tops the AARP brain game roundup
  - Kayt Sukel Brain Games

USA Today

MindSparke "...works to increase memory and the ability to multitask."
  - Rachel Roubien Brain training craze

New York Times

Brain Fit Pro is "...like boot camp for the brain"
  - Bob Tedeschi's Top Picks

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MindSparke Customer Testimonials

Nanz's Mind Sparke
brain fitness nanz I am thrilled that I was introduced to Brain Fitness Pro!  ...I am more confident about my memory, more focused and in general feel more self-assured.
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